Vive la France! Selection of 71 female French illustrators

This week’s illustration list bring us back to Europe. This time I’ve searched for ideas in the neighbouring country and I’ve come up with tons of inspiration. No surprise, as France has always been cradle of many art movements and great artists. So, here it goes my selection of 71 female French illustrators, which I hope it brightens […]

Kristyna Baczynski’s worlds

Recently I’ve discovered Kristyna Baczynski and I haven’t been able to control myself: I just had to dedicate her a super cute post summarising her work. But presentations go first: Baczynski is a British illustrator, comic artist and designer with Ukrainian origins. Concretely, her family comes from The Carpatians region and this fact may have had an influence on her work. […]

110 female British illustrators you should know

Find below a list of 110 female British illustrators whose drawings and illustrations are the cutest ever. Please, bear in mind my purpose with this list is not a ranking, but a catalogue or a little anthology. If you miss an illustrator who’d deserve to be on this list as well, you can make suggestions by commenting on […]